My name is Caleb Norris and I’m a first year student (1L) at the University of Arkansas William H. Bowen School of Law. Someone once said that I was a quasi-nontraditional law student – I think that fits pretty well. Hello, my name is… well how about you just call me UALR Law Student. Please forgive my attempts at remaining somewhat anonymous but I am unsure exactly how far I wish to take this little experiment. Before I get too far along, I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. I am, or should I say ‘will be’, at 1L at The University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law. Orientation classes will begin on the 12th, so I’m only a few days out from the beginning of what I hope will be an amazing journey.

I am writing this blog for three reasons:

1) Information for future Bowen students. Many months ago, after being accepted at Bowen, I tried my darnedest to find as much information on the day to day events of a UALR Law student as I could. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a whole lot of information. So this is my attempt to put a little more information out there.

2) A personal journal. This is pretty self explanatory. I simply want a record of my experiences which I can look back on in the future.

3) A way to keep my friends and family informed. I’m sure they all have better things to do than read my jibber jabber but who knows.

What this blog is not:

Everything I’ve heard and read so far about my first year in law school tells me that I will be quite busy. So, I have no intentions of turning this into a scholarly blog. I’m sure I will have those days where I just can’t keep my thoughts to myself, but getting bogged down in the details really doesn’t contribute to the purpose of this blog. (Which, in case you missed it, I’ve already listed.) Oh yes… one more thing… I highly doubt that I will spend much time proofreading my posts. I’d venture to say that our only saving grace is the spell check – and we all know how well that works.

And now that I’ve completely bored you to death, I’m done.

[UPDATE: I’ve decided to no longer remain anonymous.]